Why do I do this?

Tim Seaward

I first became aware of manifesting the invisible abstract into surreal imagery at the vibrant age of seven, but it was not until I met Jesus Christ in Northern India that I truly began to see. Now, every mark that is made becomes a progressive and creative form of worship to the Father who continues to demonstrate a supernatural and miraculous love to me.

Worship, for me, has nothing to do with religion, but rather it is receiving a demonstrative supernatural love from the God and Father of Jesus Christ, and at the same time "voicing" an extremely positive response (which includes tangible feelings of reciprocal love, joy, amazement, excitement, acceptance - to name but a few), which, in my case, results in the production of images conceived from a declaration of a dynamic relationship - human to, and from, God.

"Demonstrative love" in that God's fatherhood is revealed here and now, by the "supernatural" ... ie miracles (healing the sick, making the lame walk, restoring the physically and mentally damaged, casting out demons, raising the dead!) here - today, when authority is applied through Jesus Christ.

Tim Seaward has work in many countries throughout the world, and he has exhibited in London,
Birmingham (including the Royal Birmigham Society of Artists), Manchester, Bristol, Bath, and other outlying areas.
He has been commissioned by BBC TV, Central TV, British Telecommunications, Pye Telecommunications,
and has pieces in the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels, and the Wiltshire County Archives.

He now lives and works in the Charente-Maritime in France.