Post Surrealism, Modern Spiritual Perceptions ... and a Sharp Pencil
Visual elements of a personal adventure by Christian artist Tim Seaward.

allegorical surreal drawing Leaving the circle                  abstract mystical picture Repentance                  art portrait of chaotic abstract Stopping the Horsemen

Using neo surrealism as a vehicle, and as a somewhat enigmatic spy-glass -
evokes many challenging questions for me, like ...

Does the unified field in physics relate to the waters of Genesis?
Is experience the only reality?
Is making a choice a powerful supernatural event?

Believe it or not, the following drawings and paintings, actually help me,
not to understand, but to accept that there is a purposeful "something"
that seems to offer my reluctant consciousness,
the choice of crudely translating into visual marks on paper,
what I can only describe as ... a witness to God.


post surrealism illustration Afterthought 4                  Dark surrealism oil painting Afterthought 5                  Contemporary pencil drawing Approaching Abstract                  modern surrealism mindscape Menhir 4

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